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A look back and ahead at the adventures of a young man struggling to fill an empty studio, tending to his psychotic tenants, and battling an army of hobos in the adjacent parking lot. Can Charlie Ellison III make it amid the madness of Hollyweird?


Meet The Tenants


The residents of Hollyweird Studios live behind these walls. Knock on some doors, if you dare…


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Welcome to the building. Check out a teaser, weirdo.


Leasing Office


Meet the management of Hollyweird Studios.




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King Garth and his hobo court jesters, Bubbles and Kazoo, reside in this parking lot, otherwise known as the realm of the Underpass Society. First rule of the Underpass Society: Don’t mess with King Garth. Second rule of the Underpass Society: Don’t mess with Sir Thomas Monkey.

Meet The Underpass Society