Recent Episodes

Episode One: “Welcome To Hollyweird”

Charlie is fresh out of college and ready to soar to new heights as the apartment manager of Ellison Apartments (aka Hollyweird Studios). At least that’s what he thinks until he encounters the psychotic tenants and the army of hobos in the adjacent parking lot…

Episode Two: “The Royal Treatment”

Charlie has a chat with his grandfather, Charles Ellison I, and then discovers a strange gathering in the parking lot next door.

Episode Three: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”

Charlie tries to rent the open studio to Desani, a local “dancer,” while King Garth and his Hobo Jesters wreak havoc in the back yard.

Episode Four: “Apartments Of Darkness”

The tenants and hobos drive Charlie to the brink of insanity. Can anyone save him? The apocalypse starts now…

Episode Five: “Unexpected Visitors”

Charlie returns to meet some strange guests and has a shot at signing a new tenant to Ellison Apartments.

Episode Six: “The Dinner Date”

Charlie attends a dinner date at Ellison Apartments, while Amos does a little snooping to uncover Charlie’s secrets.

Episode Seven: “Bad Seeds”

Charlie’s college friend Cami drops by to help out with some gardening, while Amos and Tanya discuss recent developments at Ellison Apartments.

Episode Eight: “Big Plans”

Tanya interrupts an intimate moment between Charlie and Cami.

Episode Seven: “Help from Friends”

Tanya and Star plan a welcoming party for Cami.

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King Garth and his hobo court jesters, Bubbles and Kazoo, reside in this parking lot, otherwise known as the realm of the Underpass Society. First rule of the Underpass Society: Don’t mess with King Garth. Second rule of the Underpass Society: Don’t mess with Sir Thomas Monkey.

Meet The Underpass Society