Here are Charlie’s VIP friends who have supported him through the trials of Hollyweird. Cheers!

Ryan Bates
Joseph Caban
Wyland Chapman
Justin Crum
Natasha Dadour
Audrey Dawson
Catou DeFriend
Gian Greenberg
Greg Greenberg
Joy Greenberg
Gym rats
Cameron Hahn
Susan Josephs
Zack Kielich
Susan Kortokrax
The Lowys
Lynn Manning
Patty Mckimmy
Rob Merrell
Brian Mihalka
Colin Mika
Dan Moresco
Jim Moresco
Chris Mothorn
Brittany Norton
Brighton Oothoudt
Joseph Parise
Nirel Patel
Steve Pick
Phyllis and employees
Cassie Ramoska
Aaron Rieger
Anya Rosensteel
Kyle Smith
Lindsey Smith
The Stegmans
Bill Swearingen
Cami Tompkins
Ray Tompkins
ULTRN Design
Michael Warren

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King Garth and his hobo court jesters, Bubbles and Kazoo, reside in this parking lot, otherwise known as the realm of the Underpass Society. First rule of the Underpass Society: Don’t mess with King Garth. Second rule of the Underpass Society: Don’t mess with Sir Thomas Monkey.

Meet The Underpass Society