Brett Weinstock (Charlie Ellison III)
Born and raised in Las Vegas, Brett fell in love with acting at a very early age after watching Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura and Liar Liar. In college, Brett began taking acting classes, and when he turned 21, he moved to Los Angeles to get an up-close view of the real world of entertainment. After immediately booking several short films, he decided to stay in LA for a while. When his two-year anniversary in LA hit, he fully dedicated himself to studying at the top schools and has seen great results ever since. Hollyweird Studios is the second web series he has played the lead in, and he has several shorts on the festival circuit. Brett’s indie feature The Two Roomer just premiered in Camp Hill, Penn. to a great reception, and he just wrapped the feature 35 and Ticking, starring Meagan Good and Mike Epps, among others.

Read MacGuirtose (King Garth)
Read MacGuirtose is probably trying to do too many things at once. He’s appeared in a number of feature films; most recently, he played band tour manager English Joe in the movie Radio America, directed by Christopher Showerman, which just finished production in June. But in addition to acting, he also enjoys writing, drawing, and composing music; he’s working on putting together an album he hopes to release in July or August (under the name J. S. Nuttall). He also has a master’s degree in physics for some reason.

Kirsten Berman (Tanya)
Kirsten Berman is originally from the cold tundra of the North Side of Chicago. She relocated to LA LA Land for the weather, and acting seemed like the obvious choice since everyone else was doing it. Like her mother always told her, if all your friends jumped off a building….Kirsten’s training extends from Chicago to LA, and she is currently going through the Improv program at IO West in Hollywood. She is also currently in the new show DRUNK TALK at the Dragonfly in Hollywood, Sundays at 8 p.m. Check out the fun! Find out all the other exciting info about Kirsten at

Jerry Hoffman (Charles Ellison I)
Jerry has been performing in every medium for a LONG time! His television appearances range from Gunsmoke (136 years ago), to Boston Legal (last year). Film work spans back from The First Nudie Musical (really!) starring Cindy Williams, and The Ratings Game with Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman, to Fate, directed by Dan Sheldon, to be released later this year. His credits include hundreds of national commercials over the years. He has been seen in theatrical productions from coast to coast and internationally, and is currently appearing as Professor Porter in the regional premiere of Disney’s musical, Tarzan, and as Bustopher Jones and Gus the Theatre Cat in Cats at the Tuacahn Performing Arts Center in Utah.

Ben Namnoum (Bubbles)
Professional Wiffle Ball player-turned actor/musician/writer and all-around performer Ben Namnoum is a champion of creativity and comedic wealth. Ben signed on to AMOD records, toured England with the band Fatale, and has many solo musical projects including The Majestic Minstrels and Frogs in Whiskey. He has done stand-up comedy and hosted events on both the east and west coasts, from the University of Connecticut to the underground LA scene. You may know him from such films as Scumdog: More Talk, Less Rock, Scumdog 2 and You Promised Us Chuck, and you can see his Lost In Corridours sketchnugget shorts on YouTube including ‘Where’s Blendy?’ and ‘Brotein.’

Darrin Burrell (Amos)
Darrin Burrell is a talented director/writer/actor and musician from Detroit, Mich. On stage, he has played the Apothecary in Romeo and Juliet, Farmer McCarthy in Our Town and Judge Moses in The Skin of Our Teeth. Shortly after receiving his BS in Drama, TV & Film, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment biz. He wrote, produced, directed and acted in two short films: Waiting For Zane, debuting in the 2004 Tulsa Underground Film Festival, and Calling the Shots. For a one-year stint, he was involved with the Pasadena-based band C-horse, playing bass guitar. He co-produced and directed their music video for ‘Keep it Cool’. Recently, he directed the short film La Curandera, produced by his business partner Jeremy Christensen. He’s developing and co-writing a television pilot with Christensen and working on other screenplays, short film scripts and short stories while continuing to pursue acting. He resides in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife and adorable daughter.

Diana Hart (Elise)
Diana recently wrapped Wiggles, written and directed by Kingpin star Yancey Arias, and was featured in the new Jerry Bruckheimer pilot, The Whole Truth, starring Rob Morrow, which was picked up by ABC. Her other works include: two episodes of Unusual Suspects, airing on Discovery I.D. Channel, and a tabloid talk show host in The Sweetest Heir, directed by Zelie Dember-Slack. Her current projects continue to make the festival rounds: 22 lbs, written and directed by real-life doctor David Renaud; Trim, by Ryan Bottiglieri; L.A.Temp’ermental, a Los Angeles 2009 Short Film Festival winner by funny lady Lisa Holly; and Comedy Traffic School, written by stand up comedian Jeff Hodge, as well as the feature film, Family, just released on DVD. Diana currently studies with director Katt Shea, who has worked with Drew Barrymore, Leo DiCaprio, Christina Applegate and Amy Irving.

Mike Hover (Kazoo)
Mike Hover has been told he is awesome and believes it. This could very well be his undoing. With a BA in Film and pursuing a career in comedy, he tells his folks that he is in medical school. Along with bumming around as a member of The Underpass Society, Mike is involved with the musical comedy duo Picard Maneuver. Mike Hover craves attention. Look at him, watch Hollyweird Studios.

Norman Igar (Old Man Jones)
Norman Igar has been acting for over 40 years. He has appeared on stages throughout the country in over 100 productions by such writers as Tennessee Williams, William Shakespeare, Arthur Miller and many more. Norman can be seen on the spoof of Superman, Stupidman. Occasionally, you will see him on reruns of various old sitcoms.

Yunga Webb (Desani)
Yunga Webb is a talented singer and actress who recently moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta. Since relocating, she has stayed busy doing commercials, television, and music theater. She was drawn to the character Desani instantly because of the unusual similarities. They both desire to seduce the world!

Jessie Gaskell (Nurse)
Jessie is the head writer of The Dish, a delightfully silly pop culture roundup hosted by Danielle Fishel that airs weekly on the Style network. Jessie also writes and stars in the successful web series Dorm Life, which holds the title for most-watched web series on and has received six Streamy Award nominations, including Best Writing and Best Ensemble Cast. In the off-season you can see Jessie perform sketch comedy as one-half of lady duo Sensible Snack. Jessie studied International Development, Poli Sci and Spanish at UCLA, which means nothing, and she also owns a budding jewelry business, which could mean everything, if she plays her cards right.

Cassie (Nora the Disgruntled Hipster)
Cassie ‘Ramaska’ Ramoska talks to inanimate objects as though they will respond to her. She attributes this to her many days spent in the company of the band Alien Ant Farm. Cassie enjoys crystal parties, digital art, trust, dragons, and hula music. She values friendship and once made a giant bagel out of other bagels while babysitting.

Ricky Faust (Glen the Disgruntled Hipster)
Ricky achieved celebrity for writing and acting in the play Swimming to Cambodia, adapted into a film in 1987.He began his career in regional theatre, moved to New York in 1967 and three years later joined Richard Schechner’s experimental troupe, the Performance Group. He co-founded the Wooster Group ensemble in 1975. He died in New York City of an apparent suicide.

Hobos are people too…

Ivan Ehlers (Hobo VFW)

Rob Merrell (Hobo Bob)

Nick Koff (Hobo Wild Hair)

Little is known about this gentle giant. From observing his actions, we can deduce that he loves women and whiskey, and never has any money. He rarely speaks above a whisper, and always looks like he’s staring at something just over your shoulder. He tells people he came to LA to stick it to Big Brother, but clearly could benefit from a big brother of his own, as he wanders and drools and sputters stale wisdom. When he’s not curled up under a vehicle in the parking lot trying to control vivid acid flashbacks, he roams the street in a perpetual search for half-smoked cigarettes and the occasional nickel. You see, sometimes there’s a man… sometimes there’s a man… hmm, lost my train of thought there.

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